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Cross-held stocks

With the objective of contributing to medium- to long-term improvement of corporate value, Anritsu may hold listed shares, primarily those of our major transaction partners, for policy reasons that include a comprehensive consideration of business strategies, sales policies, and the like. With regard to these listed shares held for policy purposes, we monitor the business conditions of the company held, annually review the significance and logic of continuing to hold the shares, give regular reports to the Board of Directors, and when further holding is not deemed necessary, consider disposing of the shares, such as appropriately selling them, taking into account share prices and market movements.

Anritsu’s policy toward cross-held stocks is to limit such holdings to those that are necessary for executing important business strategies, while striving to reduce cross-holdings overall.

Currently, Anritsu does not hold any investment shares whose purpose of holding is pure investment.

Number of Issues and Amount on Balance Sheet

Number of Issues Total amount on the balance sheet (million yen)
Unlisted stocks 13 134
Stocks other than unlisted stocks 2 57

Issues in which the number of shares increased in FY2022

Number of Issues Total sales price related to the increase in the number of shares (million yen) Reason for increase in number of shares
Stocks other than unlisted stocks 1 100 To strengthen R&D and business relationship, with stock issuer.
(There were no issues whose number of shares decreased in FY2022.)