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V265 DC Block

DC ブロック


The V265 and W265 DC Blocks have been designed and optimized for optical communications and other high speed pulse, data or microwave applications. Based on the coaxial resilient connection – which is the same as on our V255/W255xx Gen II Bias Tees – it provides excellent low frequency response with very low losses and flat group delay over the temperature of operation. Designed to apply AC drive signals to a device while eliminating any DC voltage or current components. Both the V265 and W265 DC Blocks can be used in isolating DC leakage between two electrical components. The blocks have precision V and W1 connectors for 65 GHz and 110 GHz operability assures excellent impedance match across the wide bandwidth available. A one-year warranty is provided.

  • 光通信の用途に理想的
  • 低挿入損失
  • 立ち上がり時間: 3ps (代表値)

V265 DC Block

周波数範囲 50 KHz~65 GHz
30 KHz~65 GHz 代表値
挿入損失 1 dB~65 GHz 代表値
リターンロス 13 dB~65 GHz 代表値
立ち上がり時間 3 ps 代表値
群遅延 84 ±2 ps 代表値
最大直流電圧 16VDC
最大 RF パワー 1W
コネクタ RF 入力:V(f)
RF 出力:V(m)
動作温度 0~80°C