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O/E Calibration Module MN4765A

O/E Calibration Module

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MN4765B

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The MN4765A is a characterized, unamplified photodiode module. It is used as an optical receiver with the Anritsu MS4640B VectorStar series VNAs to perform highly accurate and stable optoelectronic measurements of both modulators (E/O) and photoreceivers (O/E) to 65 GHz.

The MN4765A consists of an InGaAs photodiode that converts modulated optical signals to electrical signals, and includes additional circuitry for temperature and bias stability. The photodiode has exceptional bandwidth response to 65 GHz and a typical responsivity of 0.7A/W. The MN4765A is characterized for 1550 nm in both magnitude and phase using a NIST derived calibration standard.