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K261/V261 DC Blocks

Precision DC Blocks


These ultra-wide bandwidth DC Blocks have been optimized for optical communications and other high-speed pulse, data or microwave applications. Designed to apply AC drive signals to a device while eliminating any DC components, these DC Blocks feature wide bandwidth, excellent low frequency response, minimum insertion loss and flat group delay. Precision K Connector® interfaces assure excellent impedance match across the wide band-widths available. A one year warranty is provided.

  • Ideal for Optical Communications and high-speed Pulse Applications
  • < 1.0 dB Insertion Loss (K261)
  • Risetime: <7 ps (K261)




 Frequency Range
3 dB BW

10 KHz to 40 GHz

50 KHz to 65 GHz 

 Insertion Loss

<1.0 dB typical

<2.0 dB yptical 

 Rise Time

 < 7 ps typical

 < 5 ps typical 

 Group Delay

 110 ± 1 ps typical

 113 ± 1 ps typical

 Max DC Voltage



 Max RF Power

 1 W

 1 W 


RF In: K(m)
RF Out: K(f)

 RF In: V(m)
RF Out: V(f)

Specifications apply over the temperature range of 0°C to +70°C