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3671 series test port cables

Test Port Cables

3671 K50-S50-V50 Series
This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : 3671 Series
Discontinued Part Number Description Replaced By
3671S50-1 K(f)–3.5mm(m) cable, 25 inches (one pair) 3671KFS50-60 (x2)
3671K50-1 K(f)–K(m) cable, 25 inches (one pair) 3671KFK50-60 (x2)
3671K50-2 K(f)–K(m) cable, 38 inches 3671KFK50-100
3671K50-3 K(f)–K(f) cable, 25 inches and K(f)–K(m) cable, 25 inches 3671KFKF50-60 and 3671KFK50-60
3671V50B-1 V(f)–V(m) cable, 25 inches (one pair), rated to 67 GHz 3671VFV50-60 (x2)
3671V50B-2 V(f)–V(m) cable, 38 inches (one cable), rated to 67 GHz 3671VFV50-100