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Anritsu Ultrawide broadband Antenna 2000-2141-R

Ultrawide Broadband Antenna

Omnidirectional, small, ruggedized, deployable, and uniform, sensitivity from a low 20 MHz to above 21 GHz, offering the finest wideband sensor for receiving RF signals

Small, ruggedized, deployable, and uniform without sacrificing performance where signal detection is needed most. This antenna’s gain and efficiency have been maximized to give the greatest Omni-directional sensitivity from an amazingly low 20 MHz to well above 21 GHz. The nominal gain of the antenna is -7 to +0 dBi over 98% of the antenna. This antenna offers the finest wideband sensor for receiving RF signals. This sensor was optimized using state-of-the-art genetic algorithms and electromagnetic simulation tools. It covers the frequencies you need to detect most often – and then some. A perfect blend of performance and quality make this unit ideal for SIGINT and multiband communications applications. Complete with a ¼-20 tripod mount on the base.

  • Ultrawide broadband
  • Space-sensitive Passive Bi-Con Antenna
  • Tripod Mountable