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Telescoping Whip Antenna, BNC (m)


This telescoping whip antenna is suitable for use with handheld products that offer spectrum analysis and/or over-the-air signal analysis. The antenna's resonant frequency varies depending on the extended length, but generally covers the UHF and VHF bands.

The antenna is connectorized with a BNC(m) fitting, so you will need a BNC(f) to N(m) adapter, such as Anritsu part number 1091-172-R "BNC(f) to N(m)".

Works with the following handheld spectrum analyzer models:

  • Cable and Antenna Analyzers (Site Master): S332E and S362E
  • Base Station Analyzers (BTS Master and Cell Master): MT8221B, MT8222B, MT8212E, and MT8213E
  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR Master): S412E
  • Handheld VNA Master: MS2034B, MS2035B, MS2036C, MS3037C, MS2038C
  • Handheld Spectrum Analyzers: MS2721B, MS2722C, MS2723C, MS2724C, MS2725C, MS2726C, MS2711E, MS2712E, MS2713E
  • Telescoping Whip Antenna covering UHF and VHF bands.
  • Connectorized with a BNC(m) fitting. Requires BNC(f) to N(m) adapter.
  • For use with specific Anritsu Handheld Spectrum Analyzers.