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Optical Devices

Type Package Optical Output [mW] Center Wavelength [nm] Appearance
SLD (Super-Luminescent Diode) CAN/ Cylindrical/ Butterfly 1 to 25 830 to 1,650 Product photo; SLD

Type Package Sweep Frequency [Hz] Center Wavelength [nm] Appearance
Wavelength Swept Light Source Bench top/Built-in unit/Module 1,250 or 150 1,550
Wavelength Swept Light Source

Type Package Optical Output [mW] Center Wavelength [nm] Appearance
DFB-LD (Distributed Feedback Laser Diode) Butterfly 10 to 80 1331, 1550, 1653.7 DFB-LD

Type Package Optical Output [mW] Center Wavelength [nm] Appearance
Pump LD (FP-LD, FP Laser Diode) Cylindrical/ Butterfly 80 to 650 1,310 to 1,550 Pump LD

Type Package Optical gain Polarization Dependent Gain Appearance
SOA (Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers) 6-pin compact package less than 15 dB 1.5 dB or more SOA (Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers)

Type Package Center Wavelength [nm] Normal facet Reflectance Appearance
Gain Chips COC 1280 to 1620 LR (6%) / HR (95%) DFB-LD

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Electron Devices for Communication

Drivers/Amplifiers: AH series

A series of driver and amplifier modules with superior characteristics for high-speed pulse response.

Driver/Amplifier IC: AG series

AG series of driver/ and amplifier IC with compact package and lower power consumption supporting high-density mounting for multilane signal applications.

Optical Receiver: AD44198A

A small package, low power consumption 56Gbaud wideband OE converter.

Filters: AN series

Low-reflection Bessel filters with superior group delay characteristics.

4-Way Power Divider: AN44182A/AN44187A

4-Way Power Divider for applications in a frequency range of DC to 40 GHz.

Electron Devices for Communication >

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