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V120 Series RF Cables

RF Cables

V120 Series

Cable Assembly Part Number Reference


Metric Cable Assemblies





5V120MM to 5CMV120MF to 5CMV120FF to 5CM
10V120MM to 10CMV120MF to 10CMV120FF to 10CM
15V120MM to 15CMV120MF to 15CMV120FF to 15CM
20V120MM to 20CMV120MF to 20CMV120FF to 20CM
25V120MM to 25CMV120MF to 25CMV120FF to 25CM
30V120MM to 30CMV120MF to 30CMV120FF to 30CM
35V120MM to 35CMV120MF to 35CMV120FF to 35CM
40V120MM to 40CMV120MF to 40CMV120FF to 40CM
45V120MM to 45CMV120MF to 45CMV120FF to 45CM
50V120MM to 50CMV120MF to 50CMV120FF to 50CM
60V120MM to 60CMV120MF to 60CMV120FF to 60CM
70V120MM to 70CMV120MF to 70CMV120FF to 70CM
80V120MM to 80CMV120MF to 80CMV120FF to 80CM
90V120MM to 90CMV120MF to 90CMV120FF to 90CM
100V120MM to 100CMV120MF to 100CMV120FF to 100CM
125V120MM to 125CMV120MF to 125CMV120FF to 125CM
150V120MM to 150CMV120MF to 150CMV120FF to 150CM
  • DC to 67
  • V Connector Compatibility with 2.4 mm
  • 50 Ohms Impedance
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