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Image of MN25218A

SmartCal™ Auto Calibration Module

  • Auto load of calibration kit coefficients- Speeds up setup and reduces calibration error
  • Auto sense – Prevents bad calibrations due to incorrect or poor connections
  • VNA to SmartCal Port mapping – Increases flexibility and simplifies multiport calibrations
  • ShockLine software auto detects SmartCal – Simple, easy to use calibration software
  • No internal heater – No wait calibration
  • USB powered and controlled – Convenient one plug interface
  • Single connection calibrations – Reduces wear and tear on connectors and cables
  • Supports all ShockLine VNAs – 1, 2, 4-port calibrations available
  • SCPI command set – Easy integration into automated test environments
  • Low cost – Automatic and fast calibrations at a low price
  • Small size – Convenient size provides easier use when moving between VNAs

The SmartCal MN25218A is a series of 2-port auto calibration units covering a frequency range from 300 kHz to 20 GHz. The MN25218A comes with K(f) connectors on both ports. The MN25218A delivers automatic, fast and error-free calibrations for any ShockLine VNA. The SmartCal automatically powers on via an USB connection and loads calibration kit coefficients from on-board memory into the ShockLine software. The SmartCal is ready to use immediately after detection by the VNA because it doesn't require warm-up.

SmartCal improves productivity by providing easier and faster single connection calibrations. Port auto sense and port mapping reduce errors and make multiport calibrations easier. The MN25218A, along with easyTest, can also be used in guided graphical test procedures to further simplify complex calibrations

Key Configurations


MN25218A 2-port SmartCal, 300 kHz — 20 GHz
Connector Options
Option Description
MN25218A-002 K(f) – K(f) Connectors
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