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Optical Modulator Driver Amplifiers and Semiconductor Materials

Manufacturing Ultra-High-Speed Devices

The many complex stages in designing and manufacturing ultra-high-speed electronic devices are handled in-house by Anritsu Devices. This article introduces the processes.

We manufacture our monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) based on ultra-high-speed gallium arsenide (GaAs) and indium phosphide (InP) compound semiconductors in a dedicated cleanroom.

MMIC Clean Room
Fig. 1 MMIC Clean Room

Outline of Processes

1. Forming Fine Patterns

The ultra-fine-patterns required to assure high-speed MMIC performance are formed by photolithography using a stepper (reduction exposure projector).

Forming Fine Pattern using Stepper
Fig. 2 Forming Fine Pattern using Stepper

2. Pattern Etching/Processing

The ultra-fine resist pattern formed by photolithography is processed into the required form by deposition of many insulation and metal-film layers.

Pattern Etching/Processing
Fig. 3 Pattern Etching/Processing

These processes are repeated many times over to create ultra-high-speed MMIC chips on a wafer by forming active transistors and passive resistors connected by wiring with metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors, etc.

MMIC Cross-section Schematic (example)
Fig. 4 MMIC Cross-section Schematic (example)

3. IC-Chip Production by Wafer Polishing, Back-side Processing, Inspection, Chip Dicing, Chip Inspection, etc.

Finished Wafer and Diced IC Chips
Fig. 5 Finished Wafer and Diced IC Chips

4. Module Packaging, Inspection and Shipping

Wafers are diced into separate IC chips after automated wafer polishing and die-bonding before packaging and assembly into easy-to-handle modules. These finished modules are then subjected to detailed tests of properties, such as high-frequency characteristics, using the newest Anritsu measuring instruments before delivery to customers.

Automatic Die-bonding
Fig. 6 Automatic Die-bonding
Testing High-frequency Properties
Fig. 7 Testing High-frequency Properties
Finished High-Frequency Module (AH54192A Differential Linear Amplifier)
Fig. 8 Finished High-Frequency Module (AH54192A Differential Linear Amplifier)

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