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Atomic Clock External Frequency Reference

This product has been discontinued

The MA25401A Atomic Clock Frequency Reference has short-term stability (Allan Deviation) of 3.0e–10 @ t = 1 sec, typical long-term aging of <9e–10 per month, and maximum frequency change of ±5e–10 over an operating temperature range of –10 °C to 55 °C. The MA25401A 10 MHz output may be used to synchronize the internal frequency reference to an external reference clock to within 5 ppb accuracy. A USB C interface is used for power.

This model has been discontinued.

Frequency 10 MHz
Max Frequency Offset ±5e-9
Short-Term Stability (Allan Deviation) t = 1 s 3e–10
Power Consumption <200 mW, max
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