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Bias Termination

This product has been discontinued

The Bias Termination is designed to meet the stringent electrical performance requirements and small size of passive components in optical communication networks. A broad bandwidth of 50 kHz to 65 GHz, with very good return loss, makes it ideal to provide DC Bias in 40 Gbps optical modulators. In addition, the small size of the Bias terminations makes integration of the Biasing network easier.

The two different models available are DBT60 and DBT60CPW. Depending on the type of substrate configuration used within an Optical Modulator, one can use the DBT60 for 0.25 mm thick Microstrip or DBT60CPW for 0.25 mm thick CPW substrate. Bias Terminations can be customized to meet customer requirements for different substrate types, substrate thickness, frequency ranges etc.

For supporting documentation, see Library.