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V103F-R Flange Launcher

V Female Flange Launcher


The V103F-R mates with either the V100 Bead or the V100B Hermetic Bead.

The center pin to microcircuit interface can be accomplished in one of several ways.

Anritsu has the V110-1 Stress Relief Contacts, also know as 'Sliding Contacts', available to provide protection to the connection in the event of temperature changes, shock, or vibration. It is used for microstrip and Coplanar waveguide with 0.15 mm trace widths. When used with Coplanar Waveguide, some engineers use a pin-overlap design, which allows the pin to be soldered directly to the trace. Ribbon bonding can be used to connect the pin to the trace. The pin can be attached to the trace using silver epoxy.

Useful tools are available from Anritsu to help you manually install the bead. Use the 01-306 soldering fixture to properly position the bead in a housing before soldering. Use the 01-304 Drill & Tap Set to simplify the job of drilling the required concentric holes in the housing. It is used when NOT using Stress Relief Contacts. Use the 01-308 Drill & Tap Set for the same purpose when you use Stress Relief Contacts. The flange is secured to the housing, using either 2.2 mm screws or 2-56 screws.

The V103F-R replaces the V103F
The V103F-R is RoHS compliant. It contains less than the Maximum Concentration Values (MCVs) for Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, PBB and PBDE per EU directive 2002/95/EC. The following RoHS exemption applies: Lead as an alloying element in copper containing up to 4% (40000PPM) lead by weight.

All materials contained in the "-R" version are identical to the materials contained in the obsoleted part. Only the "-R" suffix was added to signify RoHS compliance.

  • Excellent Performance up to 65 GHz
  • Low VSWR
  • Low insertion loss
  • Superior Reliability
  • Compatibility with 2.4 mm
  • Complete Testability on Existing Network Analyzers