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CMP-28 (SM6689) and CMP (SM6690)

High-Speed Channel Modeling Platforms

CMP-28 (SM6689) and CMP (SM6690)
This product has been discontinued

  • Suitable for work to 28 Gbps (CMP-28) and 32 Gbps (CMP-32)
  • 3D-EM benchmark structures
    • Material Extraction Method and Supporting Structures
    • Resonators
    • Stepped-impedance Structures for VNA time transform analysis and TDR
  • TDNA-VNA analysis structure
    • TDR resolvers for ultra fast TDR (10 psec and 28 psec rise times)
  • Allegro layout available for easy 3D-EM import
  • Family of via fields
    • Capacitive, Inductive, Tuned

The CMP-28 and CMP-32 Channel Modeling Platforms from Wild River Technology LLC represent powerful tools for development of high-speed 28 Gbps and 32 Gbps systems.

The CMP platforms consist of a number of known structures (such as via fields, differential pairs etc.). Dimensional and dielectric properties of these structures are supplied which can be used in situations to compare simulation results with S-parameter measurement-derived results. In this way simulation-measurement correspondence can be assessed.

The platforms come standard with a Users Guide, rugged Pelican-style case, and stand assemblies that allow the unit to be oriented vertically or horizontally on any axis.

When using VectorStar, the user also benefits from the confidence that measurements performed on the CMP platform and the user’s own design are of high integrity due to VectorStar’s:

  • 70 kHz start frequency and low frequency dynamic range, critical both to signal integrity application and to ensuring measurement-simulation correspondence
  • MS4640B, which now offers DifferentialView™ and 2nd internal source options for true mode stimulus measurements
    • Easy to use graphical set-up
    • Real-time view of measurement while making parameter changes
    • Advanced true mode stimulus corrections hold phase relationship at DUT
  • Upgradeability in frequency, port count and options
    • Can protect investment by upgrading frequency as bit rate/frequency needs increase
    • E.g. can add second source and DifferentialView later