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Extended-K 2-Hole Flange Launcher Connector


The EK103F-R female 2 hole flange launcher connector is designed for applications where a flush-mounted connector is required. These launchers do not use an epoxy pin to secure the center conductor, as used in SMA designs. Without the epoxy pin, the outer conductor remains solid and eliminates the leakage path common to pin-captivated designs. Like all Anritsu launchers, they can be easily removed for replacement or repair without unsoldering the glass bead and interface to the microwave circuit.

The EK103F-R provides frequency scalability from DC to 43.5 GHz with traceable and mode-free performance, establishing a solid uncertainty budget backed by quality assurance to a national metrology lab as well as eliminating the possibility of incorrect measurement data at a resonance point respectively.

Designed for applications that extend past 40 GHz, this connector will eliminate the needless migration from 2.92 mm to more expensive 2.4 mm connectors when operation beyond 43.5 GHz is not warranted. All Anritsu connectors are MIL-PRF-39012 and MIL-STD-202 rated, ensuring high reliability and robustness for the harshest testing environments.

From PCB launches to test ports for test equipment, the EK103F-R provides low insertion loss and good return loss. All EK103F-R connectors have guaranteed specifications, providing the true parameter performance with a 99% level of confidence.

Visit the Library Tab for access to the Instruction sheet for a step by step assembly procedure with required Tools and Materials.

  • Excellent performance to 43.5 GHz
  • Superior reliability
  • Traceable and mode-free performance to 43.5 GHz
  • Compatibility with SMA, WSMA and 3.5 mm connectors


Model Number Description
01-104 Drill and Tap Set for mounting K connector in microwave housing without stress relief contacts
01-105A Male and female sparkplug torqueing kit
01-106 K soldering fixture for flange launcher glass bead
01-108 Drill and Tap Set for mounting K connector in microwave housing with stress relief contacts


Model Number Description
01-201 Break-over torque wrench: 0.9 N-m (8 in-lb) for standard SMA, 3.5 mm and Anritsu K connectors
01-204 Stainless steel connector fastening wrench for standard SMA, 3.5 mm and K connectors