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Drill and Tap Set 01-104

Drill and Tap Set


This drill and tap set is used to precisely machine the concentric holes needed for mounting K Connector® in housings. This is the kit to use when stress relief contacts (also known as sliding contacts) are not being used.

  • Drill Part No: B14094
  • Tap Part No.: 783-255

    If you are using stress relief contacts, K110-1, K110-2 or K110-3, order the 01-108 Drill & Tap Set instead.

    • ミルを使用して、同心円の穴をすべて同時に加工
    • アルミや真鍮などの軟質金属用
    • 送り速度を低速にすることでステンレス鋼にも使用可能