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01-101a K Connectors Evaluation Kit

K Connector Evaluation Kit


This kit contains one K120 25 cm Male/Male Cable Assembly, two K102F Female Sparkplug Launcher Connectors, two K104F Female Flange Launcher Connectors, five K100 Glass Beads, one 01-102A Test Fixture, one 01-104 Drill and Tap Set, five K110-1 Microstrip Sliding Contacts, and other parts and fixtures required to evaluate K connectors without sliding contacts. Also available is the 01-108 Drill and Tap Set which is used when sliding contacts are used.

  • Excellent Performance up to 40 GHz
  • Performance Exceeding SMA Below 18 GHz
  • Superior Reliability
  • Compatibility with SMA, WSMA, and 3.5 mm
  • Complete Testability on Existing Network Analyzers