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Information Security

Information Security Management


In conducting its business activities, the Anritsu Group considers it a social obligation to protect the information of all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and investors, suppliers, employees, and it also recognizes these information assets as important property. Having established the basic rules of information management from this perspective, we are making a continuous effort to maintain and enhance information security.

Basic Rules of Information Management
The Anritsu Group (“Anritsu”) recognizes its social responsibility for effectively protecting information related to all of its stakeholders, including customers, shareholders/investors, business partners and employees, throughout the course of its business operations, which offer “Original and High Level” products and services with sincerity, harmony and enthusiasm. Moreover, we view information as a vital asset for Anritsu and all its stakeholders. Therefore, Anritsu has established these Basic Rules of Information Management and declares it will responsibly handle information assets and take all possible actions to ensure their protection.
  1. Anritsu shall comply with the laws and social norms governing information assets and information management.
  2. Anritsu shall build information management systems and strive to effectively manage information assets.
  3. Anritsu shall develop and implement corporate regulations that define concrete procedures and rules of information management.
  4. Anritsu shall provide its officers, employees and others with the necessary education and training to deepen their knowledge of information management.
  5. Anritsu shall implement appropriate human, organizational, physical and technical measures to protect information assets.
  6. Anritsu shall quickly respond to risks associated with protecting information assets to minimize damage.
  7. Anritsu shall regularly and continually review and improve the information management activities noted above.


  • Global Security Level Visualization
  • Security Measures for Networks in Factories in Japan
  • Enhancing Security in the Asian Region
  • Conducting Educational Programs on Global Information Security
  • Focus on IT Investment

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The information security management system consists of the Information Management Committee made up of key executive officers from each business division and Group companies, and the Information Security Subcommittee operating under the Information Management Committee. The Information Management Committee formulates policies on investment and strategies related to information management for the entire Group.

The Information Security Subcommittee conducts policy enactment and implementation measures and activities such as employee training, countermeasures to deal with an incident when it occurs, and information sharing. The Information Security Subcommittee composed of representatives of Japanese Group companies and the Global Security Subcommittee consisting of Chief Regional Officers.

As the security officer of their respective affiliated organizations, each member of these subcommittees strives to maintain and enhance information security.

Information Security Management System

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