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This segment comprises Information and Communications, Devices, Logistics, Welfare service, Real estate leasing and other businesses.

Revenue of Others, Operating profit of Others

Business Areas and Features

Business Areas and Features

Information and Communications

Information and Communications

Our lives have become significantly convenient due to a variety of services connected by information communication networks, including various information services which utilize the Internet and public services in such areas as finance, transportation, and local government. The safe, reliable and comfortable operation of such services is supported by highly reliable networks that ensure security. Anritsu's Information and Communications Business provides optimal solutions in response to diverse customer needs, including building highly reliable networks using our wide-ranging technologies in both wired and wireless fields, which is the strength we have cultivated while supporting the development of information communication from its earliest days to the present. In addition, Anritsu provides the following solutions to realize a safe, secure and comfortable society:

  • Bandwidth control equipment that enhances the quality of IP networks of customers focused on the stability of networks, such as telecom carriers and financial institutions;
  • Control systems for water supply and sewage facilities;
  • Video monitoring systems that monitor public infrastructure, including roads and rivers, from remote sites;
  • Disaster prevention/mitigation solutions used to link administrative agencies and residents and transmit information and confirm safety in the event of a disaster.



Anritsu provides optical devices and ultrafast electron devices utilized in communication infrastructure for electrical equipment manufacturers and communications.

Sensing and Devices