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Message from the Top Management

Hirokazu Hashimoto President, Group CEO

Hirokazu Hashimoto
Representative Director
Chairman of the Board
Group CEO

envision : ensure
Creating a Sustainable Society based on Collaborative Wisdom of Management by All

The Anritsu Group aims to address social issues through business as the pillar of its CSR management and pursues global operations in the test and measurement business, which serves as the backbone of next-generation networks and the PQA (products quality assurance) business for ensuring the quality of food and pharmaceutical products. Anritsu supports social development in a wide range of areas, including the provision of bandwidth controllers for telecommunications networks and remote monitoring systems in its information and communications business, and high-speed electronic devices and optical devices in its devices business.

In the area of information and communications, the advance of IoT (Internet of Things) is rapidly accelerating, bringing about social innovation based on concepts such as the “Super Smart Society” and “Industry 5.0.” The 5G (5th generation mobile network) system will serve as the foundation of this innovation, and commercial service is set to begin in 2019, requiring solutions that meet TTM (Time To Market) needs. In the area of quality assurance for food and pharmaceutical products, we are expected to assist in total quality assurance efforts in addition to detecting contaminants and defects.

The Anritsu Group is engaged in business in the two areas of advancing and developing communications systems and enhancing health. Now more than ever before we are required to contribute through our business. And we are determined to continue creating value that is unique to Anritsu.

Our efforts are driven by all the individuals who constitute our human resources. The Anritsu Group is pursuing diversity management to ensure that its human resources, comprising individuals who differ in nationality, gender, age and professional aspiration, work in a way that corresponds with their lifestyles and demonstrates their strengths to generate corporate value. We encourage the career development of women and create environments in which every employee can work with vigor.

With the rising significance of CSR, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 went into effect on January 1, 2016. The drive to realize the world envisioned by the SDGs shares much in common with the Anritsu Group’s corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of a safe, secure and prosperous global society, and this commonality strengthens our resolve to seek solutions for pressing issues.

Our commitment is expressed by our brand statement: “envision : ensure.” This embodies our aspiration to share in the dream of social change with our stakeholders and move forward to realize this dream.

The Anritsu Group will continue to engage in the development of a sustainable society through co-creation with all our stakeholders.

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