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持續時間: 00:14:14
發行日期: 2021/4/29

Anritsu’s VSA analysis strengths illustrated with a complex modulated true radar signal

This video presents the interests of using a Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) when trying to characterize a pulsed signal like the waveform of a radar which combines different modulation schemes inside its frequency carrier.
The MS2840A unit used in this video helps to deeply investigate in various measurement domains like Power versus Time, Frequency versus Time, Phase versus Time and finally Spectrogram (which represents Frequency versus Amplitude versus Time variations). Such a true complex signal can easily be analyzed with our Signal Analyzer family (MS2830A/MS2840A/MS2850A/MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A) which has powerful graphical features that can help the user.
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