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ShockLine lab research and development

Defense – Aeronautics – Astronautics

ShockLine family of VNAs provides a range of solutions to meet the demands of many defense and air/space applications. Offering solutions that meet a variety of size, performance, security, and cost requirements, these products provide capabilities to match many of the unique challenges in this market.

Optimized performance: ShockLine VNAs can lower the cost-of-test in many high frequency applications that are generally addressed by more complex and higher priced VNAs. In many cases, testing and maintenance applications in this sector require high frequency capabilities but may only require s-parameter measurements such as radar dome and other aircraft maintenance tests. Such applications are a great fit for ShockLine VNAs.

Durability: Many applications in the defense, aeronautics and space sector are done in relatively harsh environments where equipment durability is key. Remote rack test applications that are used onsite to test and maintain systems on ships, planes and other vehicles require robust and reliable equipment. ShockLine VNAs are a good fit for many of these types of installations where keypads or touchscreens are not needed and durability is required.

Speed: Like manufacturing, applications in this area require excellent throughput. Fast sweep speeds, remote control through modern USB or Ethernet interfaces, minimal overhead in SCPI, and driver programming interfaces all add up to give ShockLine VNAs fast measurement speeds and great throughput.

Size: All of the ShockLine VNAs come in small, robust chassis. This enables users unique opportunities to optimize and reduce the complexity of their test setups. Smaller instruments allow flexibility in mounting and installation that larger more traditional VNAs do not. In testing large defense and air/space RF and microwave systems, sometime testers need to be mobile in order to access the system under test. Smaller ShockLine VNAs enable mobility in these unique solutions that larger VNAs do not.

Ease of use: With comprehensive graphical and remote control programming capabilities, ShockLine VNAs enable users in this sector the ability to produce and deploy test programs and procedures very efficiently. Unique software tools, like easyTest, enable experts to produce graphical step-by-step operation guides that can be used to simplify training and enable test technicians to master test procedures faster.

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