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easyMap Tools (eMT) Instruments Supported

Product Family


Interference Mapping
(Requires option 25,
Interference Analyzer)
Interference Mapping with pan
and zoom mode (AZM maps)
(Requires option 25,
Interference Analyzer)

Coverage Mapping
(Requires Option 431,
Coverage Mapping)

Site Master S332E X   X
S362E X   X
LMR Master S412E X   X
Cell Master MT8212E X   X
MT8213E X   X
BTS Master MT8221B   X X
MT8222B   X X
MT8220T   X X
Spectrum Master MS2712E X   X
MS2713E X   X
MS2722C X   X
MS2723C X   X
MS2724C X   X
MS2725C X   X
MS2726C X   X
MS2720T X   X
VNA Master MS2034B X   X
MS2035B X   X

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