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Optical Waveguide Evaluation


A BERTS is a key instrument in supporting multi-channel communications used by the diversifying optical waveguide and optical backplane markets.


Network appliances are becoming increasingly more powerful with the spread of Internet services and rising transmission capacity. Speed increases require faster connections between and within network appliances—optical interconnects are the solution.


The spread of optical interconnects depends heavily on achieving high density, multi-port and low cost.


What functions does an instrument require to solve the measurement needs of high-density, multi-port, optical waveguides and backplanes at low cost?


  • Multi-channel Configuration
  • High-quality Waveforms
  • Versatile Analysis Functions
  • High-sensitivity Input



The MP1800A is the ideal measurement solution covering all R&D and production-line measurement requirements for the optical waveguide and optical backplane markets.


Its multi-channel configuration supports low-cost analysis of high-density, multi-port optical waveguide devices and backplanes.






Solution Features

Multi-channel Configuration

Easy crosstalk tests of high-density electrical signals using multi-port, simultaneous TRx measurements.

Versatile Analysis Functions

Fast flexible troubleshooting using powerful Bathtub, Eye Margin, and Eye Diagram functions.

High-quality Waveforms 

Ideal for E/O module input sensitivity tests using high-quality waveforms even with low-amplitude data.

High-sensitivity Input 

High-sensitivity input supporting data input without external amplifier for accurate and reliable evaluation.


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