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Measurement Instrument:MT8862A - Easy Evaluation of WLAN Device Wireless Section… Introduction to Network Mode

WLAN (Wi-Fi) is being used more widely with the spread of IoT devices including network connected household goods, such as printers, TVs, etc., automotive applications, manufacturing machinery, sensors, and more, underlying the importance of measuring WLAN equipment RF TRx characteristics under actual operating conditions. Moreover, not only is use of WLAN security options becoming more widespread to help prevent data snooping, but more WLAN equipment is being deployed with obligatory security.

Anritsu’s new Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A is designed for measuring the RF TRx characteristics of WLAN equipment. It uses a network mode to implement measurement of the wireless section under actual operating conditions.
Using this network mode, the WLAN equipment to be evaluated is connected to the MT8862A in the same way as a normal WLAN connection to evaluate the characteristics of the wireless section*1. Additionally, since the MT8862A Wi-Fi security options can be either enabled or disabled, it can also evaluate WLAN equipment while the security function is enabled (with security ON).

Irrespective of whether the Wi-Fi security is enabled or disabled, preparing to evaluate WLAN equipment using the network mode just requires powering-up, so even novice operators with no experience of evaluation using measuring instruments can evaluate the wireless section easily.

Anritsu’s MT8862A with network mode offers the following measurement solutions:

  1. Evaluations under actual operating conditions (security enabled or disabled)
  2. Evaluations focusing on wireless section (no preparation and easy connection of evaluated equipment)
  3. Fast troubleshooting and debugging (effect of items 1 and 2)
  4. Better customer product quality (effect of items 1, 2 and 3)
*1: Wireless section performance evaluation measures the power, frequency, and signal quality of the wireless signal transmitted from the WLAN device and confirms the receiver performance.
This short video introduces the simple three-step procedure of the Network Mode for checking wireless quality under actual operation conditions.
[Video] MT8862A Network Mode 1 minute 56 seconds with background music

MT8862A Features

  • RF evaluation of WLAN devices under actual operation conditions (Network Mode)
  • Message send/receive function required for transmit /receive measurements
  • Packet Error Rate (PER) measurements using acknowledgement (ACK) count
  • GUI operation using PC controller web browser
  • Main measurement functions: Tx Power, Modulation Accuracy (EVM), Spectrum Mask, Rx Sensitivity (Bathtub Curve)

MT8862A Connection Examples

Wired Connection Example
Wireless Connection (OTA: Over The Air) Example

Further Details About Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A

Download Reference Material (Leaflet)


Receiving WLAN Signal Everywhere in Cabin?
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Product details

Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A
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