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Engineers building the next-generation “connected car” can rely on Anritsu’s 120-year experience in supplying industry with the latest communications and measurement technologies.

Make Automotive Smarter



Customers worldwide have been using Anritsu measurement solutions from the dawn of the age of mobile, optical, and digital networks to support development of their communications systems. Development of the connected car with telematics, infotainment, ITS, and other systems has now reached the stage requiring the best in measurement solutions.

Anritsu envisions building a strong partnership with its customers to support self-driving automobiles with the latest in new indispensable technologies, including V2x, automobile radar, RKE, IEEE802.11p, etc.

This single brush stroke expresses Anritsu’s commitment to partner with customers using automobile wireless technologies to build a safer society based on smart mobility.



As Telecommunication Pioneer


Anritsu has key experience in measurements for both wired and wireless communications; in wireless it is a global developer of measurement solutions for every field, ranging from development and manufacturing of mobile terminals to installation and maintenance of wireless base stations. Anritsu measurement technologies are critical to securing excellent and fast mobile broadband connections.
With the arrival of the IoT era, the automobile business world is also seeing accelerating fusion with the mobile communications world, and this single brush stroke in our corporate green linking a smartphone and base station expresses our desire to be a company contributing to a safe automobile society using our leadership in wireless communications measurement technology.
Anritsu expects to continue playing this leading role in its customers’ measurement solutions based on its 120-year history of technical excellence in communications.





Anritsu is a global leader in measurement solutions for both wired and wireless communications based on a long 120-year history in pioneering developments in communications technology.


Today’s communications society is seeing increasing dependence on the fusion of advanced technologies, such as mobile phones and smartphones, W-LAN/Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optical fiber, IoT, 5G, and more, to configure a seamless network environment irrespective of the communications carrier or terminal type.
These seamless communications are based on international standards defining specifications to assure problem-free interconnectivity between different carriers’ networks and different makers’ communications equipment and terminals.
Anritsu plays a leading role in organizations that define international standards based on the company’s perspective as the leading maker of communications measuring instruments. Moreover, we leverage this experience to develop solutions in strong partnerships with our customers.

<International Standards Organizations/National Working Groups and Committees with Anritsu Membership> (random order)
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
ITS Info-communication Forum
ITS Connect Promotion Consortium