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Base Station Analyzers

Anritsu's Base Station Analyzers are ideal for cell site technicians and RF engineers to accurately and quickly test and verify the installation and the commissioning of base stations and cell sites for optimal wireless network performance and for the on-going maintenance and troubleshooting to keep your wireless network infrastructure fine-tuned.

When it comes to meeting your key performance indicators (KPIs) such as dropped calls, call denial, or call blocking rates due to a malfunction at the cell site or interference, an Anritsu Base Station Analyzer is the all-in-one instrument that you can count on for quick problem resolution.

An Anritsu Base Station Analyzer is small, lightweight, and battery operated making it easy for the technician to use anywhere at a cell site. With less than 5 minute warm-up time you get more useful battery life and you can start making measurements faster.

Whether line sweeping is required or analysis of its associated components and antennas, the need to quickly troubleshoot down to a field replaceable unit (FRU) in the base station, to verify the performance of the cell site’s backhaul lines, or to hunt down your toughest interference problems, the Anritsu's Base Station Analyzers are the ideal all-in-one instrument.

Model Number
VNA Frequency
SPA Frequency
Power Meter Frequency
BTS Master MT8820T
BTS Master
400 MHz to 6 GHz 150 kHz to 7.1 GHz 10 MHz to 7.1 GHz
Cell Master MT8213E
Cell Master
2 MHz — 6.0 GHz 9 kHz — 6 GHz 10 MHz — 6 GHz
LMR Master陸地移動無線電解調分析儀 S412E
LMR Master陸地移動無線電解調分析儀
500 kHz — 1.6 GHz (option to 6 GHz) 9 kHz — 1.6 GHz (option to 6 GHz) 10 MHz — 1.6 GHz (option to 6 GHz)
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