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VectorStar 寬頻向量網路分析儀 ME7838A/E/D

VectorStar 寬頻向量網路分析儀

The VectorStar ME7838x Series broadband VNA offers the widest available 2-port single frequency sweep from 70 kHz to 110, 125, 145, and 220 GHz with mmWave bands up to 1.1 THz

The VectorStar ME7838 broadband series system provides high performance in a compact mmWave module utilizing the Anritsu Nonlinear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology, with system coverage from 70 kHz to 110, 125, 145, and 220 GHz. The ME7838 series is the only broadband system with positive raw directivity in multiple bands. The result is better calibration and measurement stability with significantly longer time between calibrations for accurate measurements and improved productivity.

The VectorStar ME7838 VNA series delivers 109 dB dynamic range at 110 GHz, 102 dB at 220 GHz and excellent noise floor performance for high-sensitivity measurements across the entire sweep range. Stable broadband performance means you can make high-accuracy measurements all day, with the confidence that your calibration remains rock solid! Spend less time calibrating and more time measuring.

The VectorStar ME7838G VNA addresses the market need to conduct on-wafer measurements that span into the sub-Terahertz region for more accurate device characterization. The system offers unprecedented broadband coverage from 70 kHz to 220 GHz in a single sweep and is optimized for on-wafer measurements utilizing the TITAN T220 probe from MPI. An innovative design allows the 220 GHz probe to connect directly to the mmWave module for accurate, stable on-wafer measurements and avoiding the limits of threaded connectors.

VectorStar ME7838 系列寬頻向量網路分析儀提供最寬的單次掃描頻率範圍,從70 kHz 至 110 / 125 / 145 GHz,搭配毫米波 (mmWave) 模組可高達 1.1 THz

  • ME7838A 或 E 型號可輕鬆升級至 145 GHz
  • 全系列型號皆可配置毫米波模組,頻率高達 1.1 THz
  • 業界最佳校準與量測穩定度:0.1 dB vs 0.6 dB over 24 hrs.
  • All versions support the 3744x-Rx receiver for noise figure measurements, including the ability to characterize differential noise figure, to 125 GHz
  • 輕巧型毫米波 (mmWave) 模組 (0.6 lb vs 7+ lbs 與1/50的體積) 為低安裝成本的小型探針台

Broadband VNA Configurations:

Model Description
ME7838A 70 kHz ~ 110 GHz (操作頻率 40 kHz ~ 125 GHz),寬頻向量網路分析儀,1 mm 同軸輸出
ME7838E 70 kHz ~ 110 GHz,寬頻向量網路分析儀,1 mm 同軸輸出
ME7838D 70 kHz ~ 145 GHz,寬頻向量網路分析儀,0.8 mm 同軸輸出
ME7838G 70 kHz ~ 220 GHz,寬頻向量網路分析儀,0.6 mm/G 輸出

70 kHz to 220 GHz Single Sweep VectorStar VNA System Measurements

70 kHz to 220 GHz Single Sweep VectorStar VNA System Measurements
Supports Multiple Bands


VNA and Spectrum Analysis
Measurements up to 110 GHz
Simultaneously, combining VNA,
NLTL, Ultraportable SpA

IoT: Connected Car

Anritsu IoT Connected Car
Connected cars are becoming the most sophisticated mobile device in the IoT world. Learn how Anritsu test solutions help verify designs to ensure operation of these advanced systems, from automotive radar to infotainment systems.

Introducing Cutting-edge Pulse Measurement Capability with Anritsu's new VectorStar B Series VNAs equipped with PulseView

VectorStar B 向量網路分析儀系列提供頂尖脈衝量測能力
Testing radar sub-systems and components. On-wafer device characterization. Analysis tools.

VectorStar VNAs deliver Out of this world accuracy

Out of This World Accuracy
VectorStar delivers new standard in broadband performance, on-wafer active and passive devices

Vector Network Analysis for Components and Subsystems

The VectorStar® family is Anritsu's Premium VNA line, offering the highest overall performance on a modern platform. The MS4640A Series offers the best performance covering a span of 70 kHz to 70 GHz.

Introducing the VectorStar Broadband System from Anritsu

Introducing the VectorStar® Broadband System from Anritsu
The VectorStar ME7838A broadband system introduces a new standard in broadband performance for customers needing to characterize on-wafer active and passive devices and high speed signal integrity measurements.

For Every Question there is an Anritsu

VectorStar - The Answer

Making High-Quality Noise Figure Measurements on an Amplifier

Making High-Quality Noise Figure Measurements on an Amplifier
This video describes how to make high-quality amplifier noise figure measurements with an Anritsu VectorStar vector network analyzer.

VectorStar Broadband System, 70 kHz to 145 GHz

Anritsu showcases the VectorStar Broadband System at IMS 2014

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