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CMA50 Series -

CMA50 Light Source

Fast and easy-to-use, Anritsu’s CMA50 line of Light Sources provides stable output for point-to-point attenuation measurements or modulated tones for easy fiber identification. They are offered in a variety of wavelength combinations and connector options to meet any testing requirement from FTTx networks to long haul telephony links to multimode LAN, and CATV.

All CMA50 Light Sources feature our exclusive auto-wavelength switching mode that automatically alternates wavelengths and synchronizes them with the CMA50 Power Meter Series, greatly reducing test time and virtually eliminating measurement errors. The lightweight, rugged design, assures that they are built for the most demanding installation environments and will provide years of valuable service.

  • Up to 4 sources per unit, out of a single port.
  • High power and stable output for high dynamic range testing and accurate loss readings.
  • Auto-wavelength switching provides fast and accurate results.
  • Rugged design withstands years of use in the most challenging environments.
  • Visual Fault Location source option.
  • Powered with rechargeable battery pack or four standard AA batteries.
  • LAN Access and network testing option via RJ45 port.
  • Interchangeable optical connectors.
  • Three year warranty.