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Added FM/GPS/Digital Broadcast Functions for Combo Modules

MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set / MU887000A TRx Test Module


Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) today announced the  27 December launch of his company's new line of FM, GPS, and digital broadcast options for Anritsu's MT8870A Universal Wireless Test set and MU887000A TRx Test Module.

Smartphones and tablets are no longer simple communications devices and now have built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth as standard functions. The chipsets and communications modules supporting wireless LAN and Bluetooth must also simultaneously incorporate the FM transceiver and GPS functions required by smartphones and tablets, so these modules supporting multiple wireless technologies are called combo modules and are becoming very widespread in mobile communications devices. 

Anritsu developed the MU887000A TRx Test Module to support the new MX887070A FM/Audio TX Measurement Software, MV887070A FM RDS Waveform, and MV887100A GPS Waveform file options for performing FM TRx measurements and reception tests of GPS receivers. Installing these new options in the MT8870A creates an all-in-one platform for measuring the various wireless technologies at manufacturing of combo modules.

The MU887000A-002 Audio Measurement Hardware is a new option developed for FM/Audio TRx measurements. With built-in audio analyzer and audio generator functions, its saves production costs and line space by eliminating the need for separate, standalone, single-purpose audio measuring instruments.

In addition, the MV887110A DVB-H, MV887111A ISDB-T and MV887112A ISDB-Tmm Waveform files have been developed for Rx tests of digital broadcast wireless technologies now being deployed in smartphones.


[Development Background]

The explosive growth of the smartphone and tablet markets is driving current communications modules to adopt a wide variety of wireless communications standards. In addition to mobile standards, wireless LAN is fast becoming widespread in smartphone and tablets to support data communications applications, and Bluetooth is becoming a standard function for connecting with headsets and other peripherals. In addition to these wireless technologies, combo modules for smartphones and tablets are starting to include FM transceivers for listening to radio and playing music, as well as GPS receivers offering high-accuracy positional location in combination with mapping applications. In these circumstances, manufacturers of combo modules urgently need instruments supporting fast and accurate measurements of all the various module wireless technologies while simultaneously cutting manufacturing costs.

Anritsu developed the MT8870A, MU887000A and new options announced today to meet these needs with a cost-effective, all-in-one platform, supporting the wireless standards required for manufacturing combo modules.


[Product Outline]

The MU887000A with installed MU887000A-002 Audio Measurement Hardware option cannot only be used for FM RF measurements with the MX887070A FM/Audio TRx Measurement software option, but also supports use as an audio measuring instrument with modulation/demodulation of audio signals required by FM transceivers. The MU887000A-002 supports stereo audio and not only does it test analog audio, but it also supports the standard digital I2S (inter-IC Sound) transmission audio format which is necessary for manufacturing communication combo modules.

Installing the MV887100A GPS Waveform file in the MT8870A outputs GPS Rx test signals from the MU887000A TRx Test Module for sensitivity tests and BER measurements of combo modules.

Expanding the lineup of MV887x series of waveform files, such as the MV887110A DVB-H Waveform file for testing digital broadcast devices, simplifies the various wireless Rx tests by just switching the waveform file.


[Product Features]

All-in-one Measurement Platform for Wireless Communications Combo modules

Installing the MU887000A incorporating a high-performance signal analyzer and vector signal generator in the MT8870A main frame covers measurement of nearly all smartphone and tablet wireless technologies using various measurement software and waveform file options.

Built-in Audio Analyzer and Audio Generator

Installing the MU887000A-002 Audio Measurement Hardware option along with the MX887070A FM/Audio TRx Measurement software in the MU887000A supports input/output audio measurements for combo modules in FM transceivers, as well as combinations of various audio tests, including analog and digital audio plus mono and stereo. The MU887000A built-in audio analyzer and generator cut both hardware costs and production line space requirements by eliminating the need for standalone, single-purpose, audio measuring equipment.

Supports GPS and Digital Broadcast Rx Performance Tests

The MV8871xx series of waveform files can create waveforms for nearly every communications standard to output any waveform pattern signal from the vector signal generator in the MU887000A, greatly simplifying sensitivity tests and Rx tests for BER measurements of GPS and digital-broadcast receivers, etc.


[Target Markets and Applications]

■ Target Markets: Manufacturers of combo modules and equipment

■ Applications: RF tests and audio (FM) tests of communications systems

About Anritsu

Anritsu Corporation ( has been a provider of innovative communications solutions for more than 110 years. The company's test and measurement solutions include wireless, optical, microwave/RF and digital instruments, operations support systems and solutions that can be used during R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical devices, and high-speed devices for design into communication products and systems. With the addition of OSS monitoring solutions it has expanded its offering to provide complete solutions for existing and next-generation wireline and wireless communication systems and service providers. Anritsu sells in over 90 countries worldwide with approximately 4,000 employees.


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