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Integrated Tester for Mobile Terminals and Communications Modules- MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set MU887000A TRx Test Module


Supporting Latest WLAN IEEE 802.11ac Standards.


Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) announces the September 19 rollout of its groundbreaking MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set and MU887000A TRx Test Module.

Installing four independently controlled MU887000A modules in the MT8870A main frame supports parallel RF*1 performance tests of wireless appliances from a connected external PC.

The RF performance of smartphones, tablets, etc., with multiple built-in wireless communications technologies including LTE*2 and WCDMA, as well as WLAN offering widespread connectivity, and Bluetooth short-range wireless can all be measured with a single MT8870A and installed TRx modules. Production-line RF testing of communications modules used in these mobile systems is also easily supported.

With up to four test modules in one main frame, the MT8870A saves on both line instrument footprint space as well on software costs because one license covers all TRx modules in the main frame, helping increase line efficiency and slashing initial line startup costs.

Since the MU887000A modules have a 160-MHz wide max. signal bandwidth as standard, they easily support both WLAN 802.11ac Tx and Rx measurements simply by adding separately available measurement software and waveform files.


[Development Background]

As typical mobile terminals, smartphones and tablets have an assortment of communications modules using a variety of wireless standards. Wireless communications used by mobile terminals and modules are continuing to evolve in line with users' needs and communications bands are widening to prevent cross-channel interference and support large-capacity data streaming.

Against this background, makers of smartphones and tablets and the modules used in these terminals are trying to both speed-up accurate measurements while cutting manufacturing costs at the same time.

To meet these needs, the MT8870A with installed MU887000A modules has been designed as a fast measurement platform optimized for non-signalling*4 measurements. And with a 160-MHz wide signal bandwidth, the future-proof system easily supports emerging new standards.

Anritsu has developed its MT8870A and MU887000A platform to cut both immediate device manufacturing costs and long-term infrastructure cost.


[Product Outline]

The MT8870A with installed MU887000A modules is controlled by an external PC to perform RF tests of multiple wireless standards.

Conventional production lines require a dedicated measuring instrument for each communication system on the line whereas the all-in-one MT8870A with MT887000A modules supports tests of every wireless communication system.

Each installed MU887000A has its own 160-MHz wideband signal generator, signal analyzer, as well as a Dual Core CPU to assure the fastest measurement and analysis without depending on the performance of the external PC controller.


[Product Features]

All-in-one Platform with Four Installed Measurement Modules

Each of the four (max.) MU887000A modules installed in the MT8870A main frame can be independently controlled. Sharing common main-frame resources, such as the power supply, chassis, internal bus interface, etc., helps cut the initial equipment costs too.


Simultaneous Measurement of Four Devices and Parallel Measurement of One Device using Multiple Wireless Technologies

With four independent measurement modules, four test devices can be connected simultaneously and tested in parallel. With typical mobile terminals like smartphones and tablets supporting multiple wireless technologies, each module can test a different technology in one terminal in parallel, cutting test times and increasing line throughput.


Supports Multiple Wireless Technologies

Each installed MU887000A module supports Tx power, Tx modulation accuracy, and Rx sensitivity measurements for mobile cellular wireless standards like LTE, GSM and WCDMA, as well as short-range wireless like WLAN and Bluetooth. The supported standards are:

LTE-FDD, WCDMA/HSPA, GSM/EDGE, CDMA2000, 1xEVDO, WLAN 802.11abgn, WLAN 802.11ac, and Bluetooth.


160-MHz Bandwidth

With a 160-MHz wide bandwidth as standard, the MU887000A modules easily support accurate TRx tests as well as the WLAN 802.11ac standard by adding separate Tx measurement software and waveform files.


[Target Markets and Applications]

■ Target Markets: Manufacturers of various wireless modules and appliances

■ Target Applications: RF tests of various communications system



*1 RF: Radio Frequency

  High-frequency radio waves.


*2 LTE: Long Term Evolution

  Fast mobile communications system supporting download speeds (base station to mobile) of 100 Mbps

  min., and upload speeds (mobile to base station) of 50 Mbps min.


*3  Connectivity

  Ease and convenience of connecting multiple devices such as PCs and peripherals to network.


*4 Non-signalling

  Measurement procedure not involving control signals to establish and manage communications between

  measuring instrument and device or appliance under test — cf. with signalling.