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革命性的光學網路量測分析工具:安立知 Network Master MT9090A微型光時域反射儀再次減少網路安裝/維護測試工具的成本及尺寸


新推出的安立知三波長µOTDR Module™ 系列將安裝及維護建構於被動光學網路之光纖通訊所需的各項工具整合為一,手持式的輕巧設計節省空間

Anritsu Once Again Reduces the Cost and Size of Network Installation and Maintenance Testing Tools with the Network Master MT9090A Micro-OTDR: a Revolutionary Tool for Today’s Optical Networks

All of the tools needed for the installation and maintenance of PON-based FTTx networks in a pocket-sized package – the new tri-wavelength µOTDR Module™ series from Anritsu! 

Richardson (TX), United States – xx February, 2012 – Anritsu Company, a global provider of innovative test and measurement solutions for advanced and converged networks, announced today the introduction of a new series of µOTDR Modules for its Network Master MT9090A platform, a revolutionary tool for the installation and maintenance of today’s optical networks. 

With performance that rivals traditional OTDRs that are four times the size and more than double the price, the new Network Master MT9090A µOTDR MU909014C/15C module series has once again pushed the boundaries of what’s possible.  It features two (2) cm resolution and up to 250,000 data points for accurate mapping of events, deadzones of less than 1 meter (3 feet) and dynamic range up to 38dB to ensure accurate and complete fiber evaluation of any network type – premise to access, metro to core…including PON-based FTTX networks featuring up to a 1x64 split.  Dynamic range and performance of mid-range pulsewidths are also enhanced to provide better resolution eliminating the need to test at multiple wavelengths saving time and simplifying testing.  With power meter, stabilized light source, loss test set, PON power meter and connector inspection microscope options, the new tri-wavelength µOTDR clearly evolves far beyond other handheld OTDRs.    Standalone 1625nm or 1650nm models are also available for maintenance only applications. 

The MT9090A µOTDR series also takes portability to a whole new level.  What used to take multiple test instruments or something big and bulky, is now replaced by a single instrument with dimensions of just 19cmx9.6cmx4.8cm (7.5”x3.8”x1.9”) and a weight of only 700g (<1.54 lbs.).  The new MT9090A with MU909014C/15C module is the most complete, most compact optical I&M tool on the market.  With its lightweight design and user friendly dimensions, the MT9090A is perfect for the outside plant environment and can easily be managed with one hand. 

“Understanding the need to simplify and reduce the cost of network installation and maintenance, Anritsu has created a multi-wavelength OTDR that includes not only traditional wavelengths but adds a filtered maintenance wavelength as well as loss test set and PON power meter functions into a single, pocket-sized tool” states Stephen Colangelo, Business Development Director at Anritsu Company.  “This creates a low-cost, high performance tool for technicians, engineers and contractors and once again confirms Anritsu’s commitment to providing cutting-edge test and measurement solutions.”

Network Master MT9090A/MU909014C/15C µOTDR Module™ Series Highlights

  • Tri-wavelength OTDR for installation and maintenenace with a single tool
  • Complete I&M tool with OTDR, Power Meter, Stabilized Light Source, Loss Test Set, PON Power Meter and Connector Inspection Microscope
  • High-end OTDR performance in a light-weight, pocket-size package
  • Excellent mid-range performance where it matters most
  • Full AUTO mode simplies operation and ensures proper set-up
  • Complete FTTx/PON testing through splitters up to 1x64
  • ITU-T L.41/L.66 recommended 1625nm & 1650nm wavelengths with integrated filter for in-service testing
  • Isolate and simultaneously measure 1490nm and 1550nm downstream power levels

Exclusive, integrated launch fiber provides accurate initial connector measurement without external devices


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