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安立知捐贈 VNA Master予加州大學戴維斯分校工程學院




摩根希爾,加利福尼亞 - 即時發布 - 安立知宣布捐贈 VNA Master™ MS2028B手持式向量網路分析儀給加州大學戴維斯分校工程學院的戴維斯毫米波研究中心(DMRC)。 VNA Master的捐贈,增進了安立知和加州大學戴維斯分校之間的友好關係,以及向學校承諾擴建其微波部門。




Morgan Hill, CA – For Immediate Release – Anritsu Company announces that it has donated a VNA Master™ MS2028B handheld vector network analyzer to the University California, Davis College of Engineering for use in the Davis Millimeter Wave Research Center (DMRC). The donation of the VNA Master is part of a growing relationship between Anritsu and UC Davis, as well as the school’s commitment to expand its microwave department.

“Our goal is to become a premier millimeter-wave research center nationally and internationally. Working with industry will help us achieve that goal,” said Greg Gibbs, director of corporate relations for the College of Engineering at UC Davis.

 “Anritsu has a long history of supporting colleges and universities globally. UC Davis has established itself as a preeminent institution in terms of engineering, particularly in preparing the next generation of RF, microwave and millimeter wave engineers. We are pleased to provide a VNA Master and anticipate expanding our relationship with UC Davis,” said Frank Tiernan, President of Anritsu Company. 

VNA Master addresses complex cable and antenna measurement needs in the field with accurate, vector corrected 2-port magnitude, phase, and Distance-To-Fault measurements. It covers the 5 kHz to 20 GHz frequency band, which contains a wide variety of RF communications systems, as well as many radar and microwave communication systems, both coax and waveguide. With a typical measurement speed of 750 µsec per point, the VNA Master is ideally suited for tuning applications in the field. Using a 3-receiver architecture, VNA Master can measure all 4 S-parameters at once with a single connection to a Device Under Test (DUT).

About the Davis Millimeter Wave Research Center

The Davis Millimeter Wave Research Center is an industry-university cooperative research program. The DMRC is broadly focused on fostering millimeter wave technology for wireless communications, radar, sensing, and imaging systems. The activities in the DMRC involve devices, integrated circuits, components, packaging, subsystems and system implementation.


關於 Anritsu

Anritsu 集團創建於 1895 年,目前是國際上最主要的量測儀器製造商之一。全球總部設於日本厚木市,研發單位及製造工廠位於日本、美國、英國及丹麥等,Anritsu 產品包括無線通訊測試、微波射頻元件測試、數據通信測試、光元件特性測試等,特別在第三代及第四代行動通訊領域的測試系統占國際領先地位。Anritsu產品包括:頻譜分析儀、網路分析儀、訊號產生器、無線通訊綜合測試儀、通訊協定分析儀、藍牙測試儀、數據品質分析儀、光時域反射儀及各類手持式分析儀,產品跨及商用、民生、國防領域。Anritsu 還提供精密微波/RF元件、光學元件、通訊系統的高速電子元件。Anritsu 的辦事處遍佈全世界,在 90 多個國家銷售產品,擁有大約 4,000 名員工。

安立知股份有限公司為 Anritsu 在台分公司。除了台北總公司之外,新竹也設立辦事處,為客戶提供產品、技術應用及售後服務等全方位服務。





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