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因應快速成長的網際網路流量,荷蘭阿姆斯特丹網際網路交換中心AMS-IX新購買2套安立知100GbE Ethernet網路分析儀以進行流量分析


以最新的超高速數據速率的路由器和交換機為基礎架構,安立知高階網絡分析儀可提供完整協議測試 涵蓋所有測試範圍


英國盧頓2011年2月10日--通訊量測設備製造商安立知宣布,阿姆斯特丹互聯網交換中心(AMS-IX)安裝了兩套安立知 MD1260A的IP/Ethernet網路分析儀,它可支援最新IEEE規範的40GbE及100GbE乙太網路。 

AMS- IX為全球最大互聯網交換網路,為因應其網路基礎建設的快速成長,投資安立知最新高性能測試技術是其策略的一部分。目前AMS-IX 正以100GbE為標準架構的路由器和交換機,取代現有10GbE的網路配置。此新一代網路架構降低了網路的複雜性,同時提高性能和簡化網路的管理與操作。

為支援這個新的架構,AMS-IX 100GbE安裝了MD1260A測試設備-- 高階網絡分析儀來提升40/100GbE的網路需求。MD1260A為新一代IP網路需求提供完整的測試需求,其40/100GbE的容忍度測試已超越IEEE/ ITU – T的標準。

AMS-IX技術團隊的首長,Henk Steenman表示:「許多互聯網服務供應商及數百萬的互聯網用戶依靠AMS-IX高效能路由網路;因此,設備的完整性和性能對於我們的網絡基礎建設是非常重要的。安立知八年多以來持續支援AMS-IX上一代的10GbE工具,所以我們非常有信心,它的新100GbE測試技術將可滿足我們未來長期的需求。」



Hirokazu Hamada, head of R&D for General Purpose Measurement Solutions at Anritsu, said: ‘All service providers face the issue of increasing bandwidth usage driven by demand for cloud services and video traffic, but AMS-IX is taking the lead in the adoption of 100GbE solutions. Anritsu is delighted to be able to offer network owners such as AMS-IX a means to provide complete coverage of the 100GbE test standards with a single, high-performance instrument.’


About AMS-IX

AMS-IX - Amsterdam Internet Exchange - is a neutral and independent Internet exchange providing services since the early 1990’s. AMS-IX is one of the largest Internet Interconnection Points worldwide. More than 400 networks come together in Amsterdam from all over the world to exchange over 1200 Gbps (1.2Terabit per second) of Internet traffic. The AMS-IX platform provides a professional, high quality peering services recognized for its wide diverse of traffic from regular traffic, video/TV, mobile or voice IP. Additionally, AMS-IX hosts the first mobile peering point worldwide, the Global GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) and the Mobile Data Exchange. (MDX).

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