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Cost-Effective 10 GbE Maintenance - Anritsu CMA5000a

Strengthened CMA5000a Functions ,Cost-Effective 10 GbE Maintenance ,Channel Stats Software for CMA5000a UTA Module




Anritsu Corporation (President: Hiromichi Toda) announced the roll out of its new “Channel Stats” option software for extending the functions of the company’s CMA5000a Multilayer Network Test Platform.

The CMA5000a is Anritsu’s popular portable measurement platform with UTA module supporting measurements for commissioning and maintaining 10-GbE*1 networks.

The Channel Stats software released today is an option for the UTA module. Installing this software in the CMA5000a with UTA module supports detection of the occupied bandwidth, errors and throughput*2 of 10-GbE transport signals with on-screen display of statistical results. This cost-effective hardware and software combination makes it easy to troubleshoot 10-GbE network problems, such as drops in transmission speed and communications errors in real time, eliminating the earlier need for a complex set of multiple instruments to capture and analyze signals when troubleshooting communication errors. Since the CMA5000a not only detects 10- GbE signals but also displays statistical information in real time, it both cuts previous equipment costs by two-thirds and shortens the time required for analysis.

Service engineers really appreciate how the lightweight portability of the CMA5000a makes their on-site work at carrier facilities much easier and faster.

[Development Background]

Broadband communications networks are becoming increasingly faster and widespread following the explosive growth of rich-content distribution, video streaming, video conferencing, etc., requiring high QoS levels. In addition, network data traffic levels are increasing rapidly while there are more cases of unexplained drops in networks speeds and connection faults. 

Anritsu is launching its new Channel Stats software option for the CMA5000a with UTA module to help engineers solve these problems quickly and cost-effectively. Installing this software in the CMA5000a with UTA module supports detection of occupied bandwidth, errors, throughput, etc., of 10-GbE transport signals with on-screen display of statistical results. This new hardware and software combination cuts the cost of earlier complex measurement solutions by two-thirds and eliminates time-consuming analysis too.

[Product Outline]

The Channel Stats is a software option for the Anritsu CMA5000a Multilayer Network Test Platform. Installing this software in the CMA5000a with UTA module displays statistical information on the different signals flowing over 10-GbE networks, helping easy, fast, and cost-effective troubleshooting of dropped network connections and slow speeds.

[Main Functions and Performance]

■ Low Setup Cost

The CMA5000a with installed 10 GbE Channel Statistics display function is just ¥4.5 million, or about one-third the cost of earlier conventional measurement solutions.

■ Easy Fault Location with Statistical Data Displays

Signals on 10-GbE networks are sorted automatically according to VLAN ID*3, TCP port number*4, etc., to display 35 types of statistical information, including signal occupied bandwidth, errors, throughput, etc., for easy troubleshooting of network faults.

■ Shorter Work Times

Earlier measurement solutions required a lot of equipment and setup time to capture and analyze network signals. Using the Channel Stats software displays network faults in real time to eliminate troublesome and time-consuming analysis tasks.

■ Excellent Mobility

The compact, lightweight portability of the CMA5000a makes on-site testing much easier, faster, and more efficient for service engineers than the earlier, heavy and large measurement setups.

CMA5000a Multilayer Network Test Platform

The CMA5000a is an all-in-one, portable, modular platform with plug-in measurement modules supporting 10-GbE, SDH/SONET*5, OTN*6, WDM*7, and optical-fiber networks for performing all the tests and evaluations required to commission and maintain every type of communications network.


[Target Markets and Applications]

■ Target Markets: Carriers, makers of communications equipment, network commissioning and maintenance companies

■ Applications: Manufacture and maintenance of 10-GbE equipment


*1 10 Gigabit Ethernet

High-speed Ethernet standard for LAN (Local Area Networks) in which 10 billion bits of data are transferred every second.

*2 Throughput

Maximum amount of data transferred by network and transmission equipment without errors in unit time period


ID number allocated dynamically to each VLAN group; VLAN is a technology for dividing networks according organizational structure.

*4 TCP Port Number

Communications ID number used by TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) at network transport layer

*5 SDH/SONET: Synchronous Digital Hierarchy/Synchronous Optical NETwork

International standards for multiplex digital transmission systems.

*6 OTN: Optical Transport Network

Optical transmission technology standardized by ITU-T with strong error detection and correction functions called FEC (Forward Error Correction) allowing detection and correction of errors at receiver

*7 WDM: Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Technology for increasing transmission capacity by multiplexing multiple different signals at different wavelengths




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