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Anritsu發表ME7873L LTE射頻一致性測試系統,世界第一個R&TTE的認證

安立知 發表ME7873L LTE射頻一致性測試系統,世界第一個 R&TTE的認證


Anritsu ME7873L LTE RF一致性測試系統是世界上第一個獲得歐洲R&TTE認證為可提供下一代LTE移動通信設備的RF測試驗證系統。
R&TTE全名為Radio equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment,為ETSI的一個標準, 任何要在歐洲上市的LTE終端設備皆必需通過R&TTE的認證, 才可在歐洲販賣.
ETSI批准LTE終端檢測設備ME7873L符合歐盟R&TTE標準, 其測量程序和準確性滿足歐洲LTE終端測量系統需求。
舊有的ME7873F的W-CDMA RF一致性測試系統亦可透過升級成為支援LTE的ME7873L LTE RF一致性測試系統。
除了提供R&TTE的測試項目外,ME7873L已經提供部分3GPP TS36.521測試項目,並且將很快會成為GCF/PTCRB-認可的LTE終端測量系統。


Anritsu Corporation Anritsu’s ME7873L LTE RF Conformance Test System achieves Industry Leading R&TTE Test Case Verification

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that its ME7873L LTE RF Conformance Test System has become the first in the world to provide independently verified European Radio equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) RF test cases for its test functions for next-generation LTE devices.

“This provides a key function in bringing LTE devices to market, and demonstrates how Anritsu is leading the test industry in providing these critical solutions to the device vendors and test houses. LTE device manufacturers and Test Houses using the ME7873L can now be assured of a compliant and reliable platform for making these tests and ensuring compliance with the relevant EU legislation.” comments Jonathan Borrill, Director of Marketing at Anritsu.

The R&TTE directive is an ETSI standard assuring that the radio transmitter and receiver characteristics of communications terminals and radio equipment are fully compliant with European radio legislation. LTE terminals satisfying the requirements of the R&TTE directive can be used in any EU member state. Now the measurement procedure and accuracy of Anritsu’s ME7873L has been independently fully verified as meeting the European requirements for LTE terminal measurement systems, so LTE terminals measured with the ETSI-approved ME7873L will meet the requirements of the EU R&TTE directive.

The ME7873L can also be freely configured to meet customers’ TRx, performance, and RRM requirements and can be upgraded from the ME7873F W-CDMA RF Conformance Test System. 

In addition to supporting R&TTE test items, the ME7873L already supports part of the 3GPP TS36.521-1/3 test items and will soon have approval for the GCF/PTCRB work items (WI), facilitating early production rollout of GCF/PTCRB-approved LTE terminals.





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