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Anritsu Introduces Inline High Power Sensor that Provides True-RMS Measurements Over Wide Frequency Range

-MA24104A Adds High Power Inline Measurement Capability to Anritsu's Award-Winning Handheld Analyzers -


April, 28, 2009

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Anritsu Company introduces the MA24104A Inline High Power Sensor that can conduct highly accurate measurements on the transmitter output power of wireless base stations. The sensor employs a unidirectional coupler at the front end of a diode sensor with "dual path" architecture that provides True-RMS measurements over a broad frequency range of 600 MHz to 4 GHz and best-in-class dynamic range of 2 mW to 150 W (+3 dBm to +51.76 dBm), allowing users to conduct average power measurements on CW, multi-tone, and digitally modulated signals during base station installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Precise average power measurements of very high power signals to 150 W (~52 dBm) are assured due to the sensor design, which stores all calibration data directly in the sensor so all necessary corrections, such as frequency and temperature, are done inside the microprocessor of the sensor. Also, the return loss and directivity of the instrument are optimized to maintain high accuracy. All standards used to calibrate the sensor are directly traceable to NIST.

The MA24104A has a good match of >29 dB and low insertion loss of <0.2 dB, making it ideal for continuous power monitoring of transmitter systems and antenna. A data logging function in the Anritsu power meter software application allows users to record measured power over time data on external media, so that long-term drift measurement analysis, environmental testing, and trend analysis can be conducted.

Versatile, the MA24104A adds high power inline measurement capability to Anritsu's award-winning handheld analyzers, including the Site Master™,BTS Master™,Cell Master™, Spectrum Master™, and VNA Master™. It also is compatible with the MS271xB Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzers, and can be used as a standalone test solution when connected to a Windows-based PC. The MA24104A operates using USB power, external wall adapter, or AA batteries when RS232 is used to connect it to a Site Master or Cell Master analyzer.

Field technicians can use the MA24104A with a Site Master or BTS Master analyzer to verify base station transmitter output power without the need for a bulky attenuator. LAN connections can be established for remote monitoring of output power. Its high performance also allows the MA24104A to be a cost-effective alternative in production environments. Base station manufacturers and high-power component suppliers can conduct power measurements on amplifiers, couplers, diplexers, and antennas during manufacturing with the MA24104A.

The MA24104A delivery is 2 to 4 weeks ARO.

About Anritsu
Anritsu Company is the American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative communications test and measurement solutions for more than 110 years. Anritsu provides solutions for existing and next-generation wired and wireless communication systems and operators. Anritsu products include wireless, optical, microwave/RF, and digital instruments as well as operations support systems for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical devices, and high-speed electrical devices for communication products and systems. With offices throughout the world, Anritsu sells in over 90 countries with approximately 4,000 employees.

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