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Anritsu Adds MPEG-4 Support to CMA5000 MPEG Analysis Option

Ideal Test solution for IPTV Deployment

Anritsu Instruments Company, a subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of operational support solutions for advanced and converged networks, introduces enhancements to its MPEG Analysis option for the CMA50000 Multi-Layer Network Test and Measurement Platform. Included in the enhancements is MPEG-4 support, which helps make the CMA5000 the ideal test solution for all IPTV deployments.

Anritsu has added many features to the MPEG analysis option powered by the Triveni Digital MT-40 software, including support for MPEG-4 transport stream monitoring and analysis for DTV signals carried by broadcast, cable, IPTV, mobile or satellite networks. Deploying video services over IP is presenting service providers with a new set of testing challenges. The CMA5000 enables simultaneous testing of both the transport system and the MPEG-4 encoded video streams.

Current customers migrating from an MPEG-2 environment to an MPEG-4 network can utilize the CMA5000 to test multiple layers of the network, including actual video content, to ensure proper deployment of IPTV. The decoded video streams are analyzed and instant on-screen indication of the quality of the video is provided. The CMA5000's exclusive easy-to-use graphical user interface allows for fast and in-depth troubleshooting of the video content, to reduce down time and poor quality of video/audio.

Assuring the quality of video/audio characteristics, such as meeting timing and buffer models, correct signaling of and linkage amongst program elements, and synchronization between video and audio, is necessary. The Anritsu CMA5000 is the ideal platform for IPTV providers to ensure that a quality product is delivered to the end viewers.

"The CMA5000 is a perfect tool for deploying IPTV and providing QoE to your customer. The ability to test the actual video content and troubleshoot the lower layers provides easier troubleshooting to locate the root cause of any network impairment" said Jason Thomas, product manager, Anritsu Instruments Company.

CMA5000 MPEG Analysis highlights: •Supports ATSC, MPEG- 2 and MPEG-4 •PCR timing information including PCR jitter •IGMP •Video and audio buffer graphs indicate buffer overflow/underflow •Video thumbnails, displaying video under test

About CMA5000 The CMA5000 is a test and measurement solution for installing, commissioning, and documenting fiber optic networks. Utilizing a common platform, the CMA5000 provides complete testing for multiple network layers • all at the touch of a single button. As a high performance and scalable solution, the CMA5000 aids in accelerating the deployment of new services and optimizing network performance, while reducing the cost of measurement. It is the ideal solution for any scenario because of its ability to span the Physical, Data Link, Network, and Transport layers with test and measurement applications that include DWDM, SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, OTDR, and Dispersion.

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