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Anritsu Group Privacy Policy

The Anritsu Group ("Anritsu"), recognizing its social responsibility to appropriately protect the personal information (information that can be used to identify a specific individual) of all individuals it has connections with, including its customers, shareholders/investors, business partners and employees, has adopted the following privacy policy, and will take all possible measures to ensure the proper handling and protection of personal information in its possession.

  1. Anritsu will strictly comply with all laws, regulations and other social standards concerning the protection of personal information.
  2. Anritsu will strive to properly administer personal information by appointing a person in charge of overall control of personal information and by placing a personal information administrator in each division that handles personal information.
  3. Anritsu will educate its officers, staff and other personnel with regard to personal information protection.
  4. Anritsu will collect, use and provide personal information in an appropriate manner. Specifically,
    1. It will collect personal information in an appropriate and fair manner, clearly stating the intended use at the time of collection.
    2. It will use personal information only for the purposes specified by notification or public announcement, or that were made clear at the time of collection, except in cases where advance consent of the person concerned has been received or where permissible by law.
    3. It will not provide personal information to third parties other than Group companies or their service providers, except in cases where advance consent of the person concerned has been received or where permissible by law.
    4. In cases where personal information is provided to service providers or others, it will take appropriate measures, in the form of a written contract or otherwise, to ensure that personal information is protected.
  5. Anritsu will respond reasonably and appropriately to confirmation, revision or other requests from individuals regarding their own personal information, upon confirming their identities.
  6. Anritsu will take all reasonable human, physical, technological, and operational measures to ensure that private information is handled safely and shall make utmost efforts to prevent unauthorized access to, leakage, or loss of personal information.
  7. Anritsu will periodically review this policy and associated company regulations and operating procedures, making revisions and improvements on an ongoing basis.

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