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Key Benefits

- Reduced time-to-market for new services

- Access to all signal data across any network, any time

- Instantly verify corrective actions

- Network vendor neutral


Understand your customers’ usage and service experience
You know your network is performing perfectly, but what about the services your network provides? Anritsu’s Service Quality Monitoring solution provides the precise historical and real-time data that gives you the most accurate insight possible.

Unique combination of active and passive monitoring
Anritsu’s active test approach enables service providers to validate end-to-end service quality. Detected problems can then be used proactively, before impacting the end user.

Real-time data gives you real-time benefits
The benefits of deploying Anritsu’s Service Monitoring solution are immediate. You will notice improved Quality of Service and reduced operational costs instantly. By understanding how and when services are being used, service providers can gain a sustainable advantage by proactively adapting the service offering to end-user demands.

Get an easy overview of complex services
With your customized KPIs and KQIs presented in real-time via our intelligible, intuitive web-based portal, you have instant insight into the quality of services your network is providing. From usage patterns through to the effects of marketing campaigns and price modifications, our data mining functions provide you with the business-critical information you need to sharpen your competitive edge.


Beat the wireless and VoIP speech quality challenge
Anritsu’s Service Quality solution uses dedicated tools for monitoring speech and video quality, allowing wireless and IP service providers to monitor the perceived end-user quality, based on real-time Mean Opinion Scoring (MOS).

Critical VoIP service assurance
Anritsu provides a unique VoIP service assurance solution, combining network quality KPIs related to the signaling and actual perceived voice quality, on MOS scoring of the voice RTP data streams.


- End-to-end service quality visibility across converged networks

- VoIP and video service quality monitoring

- Monitoring of perceived end-user quality of voice and video services via MOS scoring

- Drilldown capabilities to historical signaling data for instant troubleshooting

- Advanced data mining functions for detailed service usage analysis and root cause analysis

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