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VoIP is in many ways a compelling alternative to traditional circuit switched network technologies. Not only does offers the IP infrastructure lower operational costs, but the openness in the technology enables a wide diversity of triple play services such as gaming, Video-on-Demand or IPTV, representing new revenue opportunities as well as service delivery challenge.


Anritsu’s offers an integrated OSS application suit enabling IP Service Providers and Carriers to monitor the performance of their IP network infrastructure and the services quality of the services offered via it. MasterClaw™ combines traditional network monitoring and troubleshooting applications with an advanced service monitoring universe, feeding a wide range of different user categories, including operational network personnel, network planners, product managers, account managers, interconnect partner managers, with vital operational and business information.

Key Features

- Call/session tracing and troubleshooting across converged SS7 and IP networks

- Comprehensive signaling over IP protocol support: - SIP/SIP-T, MGCP, H.323, MEGACO, RTCP/RTP, etc.

- Continues non-intrusive voice quality monitoring (MOS) of all calls

- Integrated Access Point Tools for efficient management of “last mile”, including: - end-to-end visibility of voice quality and service availability, - remote installation, monitoring and trouble shooting support of end- user  access equipment, Integrated network, service, and customer performance monitoring enables, - SLA management based on KPIs and KQIs, - Network planning and dimensioning of both infrastructure and services

- Real-time monitoring of network and service performance, with: - Traffic profile fingerprinting, - Dynamic alarm thresholds for early and proactive detection of network and service problems - detection of network abuse (mass calls, SIP spam and fraudulent behavior)

- MasterClaw is an all-in-one solution optimizing the workflow for Service- and Network Assurance

- Unparalleled scalability - service provider oriented scaling to more than 200 million data records per day


The non-intrusive MasterClaw probes supports beside the legacy SS7 network protocols, all commonly used proto-cols for VoIP services, including: SIP/SIP-T, MGCP, H.323, MEGACO, RTCP/RTP and SIGTRAN. To enable end-to-end monitoring of the network, the MasterClaw probes are normally deployed at the edges of the network, and if applicable also in the PSTN network domain and as close to interconnect-, access- and service partners net-works domains as possible.


Anritsu’s Customer QoS/SLA Monitoring solution for enterprise customers supports Service Providers through better managed VoIP services by providing a complete toolbox. The toolbox includes pre-launch network and service quality assessment, continuous customer monitoring, and rapid troubleshooting across the enterprise and Service Providers network and service domains. The VoIP Enterprise Customer QoS/SLA monitoring solution uses active test agents that generate simulated traffic to rate performance. As these agents are installed with specific enterprise customers, network and service operations personnel can replicate end-user behavior by taking control over the agents.

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