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Anritsu’s offers a comprehensive OSS suit of integrated applications for wireless operators running 2.5G and 3G services. MasterClaw™ UTRAN probes extend the MasterClaw framework, providing the complete for end to end UMTS network troubleshooting, performance and services analysis. The cost efficiency and capabilities of the solution makes it to a viable alternative to portable instrumentation in more than 90% of the cases.


Key Features

- Compliant with UMTS Rel.99 through Rel.6

- Fully integrated UTRAN monitoring, including HSDPA

- Integrated end-to-end solution for xRAN and CS/PS core networks monitoring

- Cross domain correlation: Iub, Iur, IuPS and IuCS

- Real-time deciphering (Gb, Iub, Iur interfaces)

- Comprehensive KPI and DWH support for: -Complete UTRAN monitoring, including access, mobility and radio resource monitoring, -Voice and data service quality monitoring, -Value chain and partner performance monitoring

- IMS versions of SIP supported: -SIP/SIP-T, MGCP, MEGACO, BICC, RTCP/RTP and SIGTRAN

- Complete UTRAN monitoring, including access, mobility and radio resource monitoring


MasterClaw supports all UMTS signalling protocols, jointly with the new Access Key Performance Indicators for data and circuit and the large set of well known core applications of MasterClaw, such as Protocol Analysis, Call Trace, Traffic Observer, and Roaming KPIs leverage the solution to higher standards enabling Operators to control the whole network using the unique and user friendly interface provided by the web portal. IP Service Providers and Carriers to monitor the performance of their IP network infrastructure and the services quality of the services offered via it.


MasterClaw combines traditional network monitoring and troubleshooting applications with an advanced service monitoring universe, feeding a wide range of different user categories, including operational network personnel, network planners, product managers, account managers, interconnect partner managers, with vital operational and business information.


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