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MasterClaw Integrated Application Suite

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MasterClaw Introduction

MasterClaw Integrated Application Suite

MasterClaw Service Assurances Framework


Quick Application Launch Portal

The portal is the focal point for MasterClaw providing a quick and integrated access to all applications, and real-time graphical overview of the network and service performance. The web browser based GUI provides an easy-to-use single sign-on access to the MasterClaw applications via the application launcher.

Dash Board

The dashboard area of the MasterClaw Portal provides an at-a-glance overview of network and service performance by providing the user a personalized access to the most relevant KPIs, trend graphs. The ability to personalize the MasterClaw Portal drastically simplifies the access to the information provided by the system, allowing different user categories to optimize the user interface and information set for their particular needs.



Protocol Analysis

The Protocol Analysis application is a multi-user and multi-protocol systems tool used for seamless protocol decoding of historical and real-time signaling information.

Session and Call trace

Provides a set of trace records with tabular and graphical description of the legs of the call/transaction along with the related signaling messages. Real-time and historical tracing capabilities across SS7, GSM/GPRS/UMTS and IP domains.

Alarm Manager

Network surveillance application managing a wide set of alarms detected by MasterClaw, including, signaling errors, network load or service quality related. Interfaces northbound to 3rd part NMS systems via standards based protocols such as SNMP are available.

Traffic Observer

The Traffic Observer is a real time network and service monitoring application, which provides an instant overview of the performance and service level via a powerful intuitive GUI. Being an essential tool for the fast paced working environment of many network operation centers, Traffic Observer allows operational personnel to immediately detect abnormalities in the network load, quality of service, and the general performance, and hence take action on network problem before they affect the end-user services.

Link & Message Statistics

The Link and Message application is a versatile data warehouse application that can be applied to any protocol or network technology giving access to thousands of user-defined counters from different protocol layers.

Integrated Service Assurance Data Warehouse

The hub for MasterClaw integrated network-service-customer-partner service assurance solution is an advanced data warehouse (DWH) solution based on state of the art high-performance Oracle technology. Through sophisticated correlation mechanisms MasterClaw turns the raw network data, i.e., the correlated data records, into valuable operational and business information focusing on the network, service, customer and partner dimensions.


The DWH supports definition of alarm thresholds for any single KPI or aggregated KQI with full integration with the MasterClaw Alarm Manager. The combination of rich data, correlation as well as thresholds capabilities enables definition and modeling of internal and external Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and real-time monitoring of these SLAs.