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Fraud and Revenue Assurance

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Key Benefits

-Increased revenue – simply by increasing billing accuracy

-Protected revenue – due to a more robust network protected from harmful traffic

-Increased quality of service – active testing validates mobile fraud solutions

-End-to-end visibility across the complete revenue cycle

Better billing verification
What’s the best way to ensure every call and service is billed correctly? Supporting multiple vendors and technologies, Anritsu’s Fraud and Revenue Assurance solution monitors and collects data from fixed line, wireless, IP, converged and public or private switched and packet networks directly and automatically, minimizing the likelihood of manual error-related revenue leakage.

High volume export of configurable data records
Over 100 million records per day can be stored in Anritsu’s data warehouse, configured and customized in a wide variety of formats to meet the needs of security managers, finance specialists or network planners.

Fraud – the need for historical and real-time data
To find and analyze the right data, you first have to capture it. Utilizing the powerful MasterClaw™ Fraud Sentry, Anritsu’s Fraud and Revenue Assurance solution operates end-to-end across entire converged networks and feeds real-time data directly into the systems able to interpret it. Our solution enables the rapid blacklisting of destinations as well as grey listing of customers that require more detailed monitoring. Investigating customer-reported incidents such as spam, or checking repeatedly long calls to unusual numbers, requires a complete accurate historical record of network activity.

Real-time detection
Anritsu’s Fraud and Revenue Assurance solution rapidly detects and pinpoints business-critical and customer-affecting issues that can aggressively attack your network – such as spam and mass calls. Using powerful network traffic monitoring tools, this comprehensive solution covers both UMTS radio access and VoIP networks.


-Billing verification based on actual traffic or test traffic

-Virus, mass call and spam detection

-Network intrusion detection

-High volume export of xDRs in a range of flexible, customized formats

-Active test validation of mobile fraud solutions