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Customer satisfaction from end to end
Anritsu’s VoIP solution makes it possible to monitor service quality throughout the entire converged network. Not only can operators measure a wide range of technical parameters, it’s also possible to measure how subscribers personally experience service levels through Voice Quality monitoring of all calls in the network.

For example, if latency and jitter are causing conversations to deteriorate, you need to know. And we can tell you.

Our non-intrusive monitoring solution continuously examines all network traffic. In addition to the all-important voice traffic, we also enable service providers to monitor the performance and behavior of non-voice applications and services in the SIP network.

Living up to your SLAs
Are you meeting your contractual obligations with your customers and partners? Thanks to Anritsu, you’ll always be sure. Our MasterClaw VoIP solution can help you tailor your SLA reports to include customer/partner relevant KPIs such as:

-Network efficiency ratio
-Perceived voice quality
-Call attempts and success/failure ratio
-Call duration and call-failure analysis
-Call setup time
-Release value distribution

Comprehensive data collection and analysis
Anritsu’s powerful data-warehouse solution makes it possible to gather large volumes of signaling data, session quality of service data, and measured voice quality services. These data can be used in many important ways, including trend analysis and network/service dimensioning.

By examining the volume and type of traffic in relation to network geography and time of day, operators can optimize and expand their network to meet the ever-changing needs of their subscribers. Not only does this reduce churn, it can actually help attract new subscribers – a critical issue in an increasingly competitive market.

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