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Key Benefits

- Provides an instant, objective view of complete service quality

- Gives you the customer-centric view of service usage

- Monitors your SLAs in real time

- Provides the analysis to up-sell and-cross-sell your services

- Proactive, early notification of customer service quality-related issues


Take complete control of your service quality

Providing up-to-the-minute visibility of end-to-end service quality, the Customer QoS/SLA Monitoring solution puts you firmly in control. Enabling you to understand the service quality your customers experience as specified in internal and external SLAs, the Customer QoS/SLA Monitoring solution lets you prove that you’re truly living up to all the terms of your agreement.

The accuracy your key accounts depend on

Customize Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) for individual SLAs. The Customer QoS/ SLA Monitoring solution collects Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data from multiple network sources, as well as across your wholesale relationships (such as mobile virtual operators and VoIP networks) as part of a bundled packet. Using your individual web-based portal, you’ll have access to the most accurate end-to-end overview possible.

Better customer service = improved customer satisfaction

It’s a simple equation. Maintaining and improving your quality of service helps you maintain and expand your customer base. Through delivery of high service quality, fast resolution of service problems and efficient SLA reporting, the Customer QoS/SLA Monitoring solution assists you improve customer satisfaction.

The secret to better sales strategies

Easier trend analysis and forecasting of service performance enables you to proactively up-and-cross-sell value-added services. With an in-depth knowledge of usage patterns, you can make informed, targeted decisions and introduce new service offerings that actually meet your customers’ needs.


Actively monitored voice and video

Thanks to Anritsu’s ability to actively monitor perceived end-user quality of voice and video services using MOS scoring, you get a true view of your customer’s experience, helping you score top marks when it comes to service quality management.


- End-to-end service quality visibility for specific customer accounts

- Combines historical reporting and real-time data overviews with trends and forecasts of service performance

- Unique combination of intrusive and non-intrusive monitoring

- Monitoring of perceived end-user quality of voice and video services via MOS scoring

- Flexible web portal supporting customized “My Customer KQI” views

- Drilldown capabilities to historical signaling data for instant troubleshooting

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