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Compass Wireless (continued)

Easy drill-down from network overview to individual traces with user-centric view

Compass Wireless is Anritsu’s powerful post-processing software solution for in-depth signaling analysis of Radio Access Networks in GSM, GPRS/EDGE and UMTS domains – in one single application. Compass Wireless provides you with the expertise to quickly and effectively troubleshoot and optimize your 2G, 2.5G, 2.75G and 3G access network and network parameters with a user-centric view. From a single file of network data, Compass Wireless presents overall statistics and alarms as common OMCs and correlates protocols, technologies and network interfaces, providing details that correspond to thousands of typical drive tests. The Compass concept of analyzing and indexing traffic files in an efficient and intuitive manner allows requests for subscriber traces and in-depth drilling to be handled in just a few seconds.

The unmatched Compass engine has evolved over 10 years and has been refined to provide the best correlation in the market. As an example, in the GSM domain Compass correlates on-going calls even when the MS temporarily leaves the monitored cells. In the GPRS/EGPRS domain Compass Wireless can correlate sessions with changing or wrong usage of TLLIs, and in the UMTS domain it can reassemble and correlate sessions from thousands of UE’s across interfaces. These are just a few highlights of the engine under the hood of Compass Wireless.

Capable of processing live subscriber files captured by all major analyzers and monitoring probes, including Anritsu’s NetClaw analyzer and MasterClaw monitoring probe Compass Wireless gives you the real picture of customer behavior in your network. But Compass can also be used as an add-on to optimize the usage of your existing test equipment, such as drive test tools. Here Compass Wireless can aid by defining where and when it’s sensible to carry out drive testing.

Compass is easily installed on a normal desktop or a laptop PC and comes with a modern platform with an easy-to-use and highly customizable graphical user interface and a database technology with a rich help support system. This helps operators simplify the internal work processes and allow engineers to use their time as effectively as possible.


-Multi-technology platform for troubleshooting, optimizing and maintaining the mobile access network with a user-centric view 
-Fastest in-depth post-processing tool on the market
-Automatic detection of capturing device, interface and protocols eliminating mistakes and significantly facilitating setup
-Analysis based on live traffic captured by network probes reflecting true customer behavior and experience
-Easy drill-down to individual traces giving an overview of activities and the level of detail provided by a protocol analyzer 
-State-of-the-art and intuitive graphical user interface with fast access to operational results 
-Advanced aggregation and filtering capabilities of Key Performance Indicators
-Cross-correlation of multi-interface procedures with end-to-end transaction information on subscribers, reducing complexity and accelerating the time to fix the problem
-Multi-file processing capabilities allowing operators to process multiple traffic files and store the result for later analysis, minimizing the time for trouble resolution
-Uplink and downlink radio metrics providing results based on actual subscriber activity with statistics based on measurement reports sent in both uplink and downlink directions limiting need to emulate problems with alternative and more costly tools
-User plane analysis, including TCP, HTTP, MMS and WAP, in addition to Round Trip Time reporting problems related to the user planes
-Designed for true client-server architecture

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