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CMA5000 UTA STM64/OC-192


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The perfect tool for testing 10 Gbps SDH & SONET core networks

SDH and SONET technologies are firmly established in the core and metropolitan networks. STM64 and OC-192 are widely deployed in today’s networks. While great care is devoted to warrant a very high quality of transport, in the real world of day-to-day installation, commissioning and maintenance activities things are not always running smooth. To this effect, several important tests are always carried out in order to assess the good behaviour of these networks before turn-up. Similarly, when the network has been turned on, it is paramount to keep monitoring the network health at physical level and beyond.

The SDH/SONET application of the UTA module provides a complete set of test functions for testing SDH/SONET networks at 10 Gbps, among which we find the checking & monitoring of the optical levels, alarm, error & frequency stressing, tributary mapping checking, routing, connectivity and pointer tests on the synchronous payloads, round trip delay measurement, BER tests, automatic protection scheme switching time and more.

As a part of the UTA applications family, the SDH/SONET application is just one test solution among many others. The UTA module has been designed to support almost all the transport standards of modern networks (ex: 10 GigE, Fibre Channel, G.709, …) and represents a new class of tester for the field engineers. One tool is all you need!

The Universal Transport Analysis -UTA- module represents a new generation of tester with this ability to support almost all the existing transport standards: Ethernet,

SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel ... With its small size, the UTA module fits in the CMA5000 platform and provides a very portable solution for field engineer.

The UTA module also supports hot pluggable XFP and SFP transceivers. This feature brings a lot of configurability to the module. Whatever the network or equipment to test, the field engineer has the insurance to be able to equip his UTA module with the right optical/electrical interface.

Easily upgradable
Most of the UTA applications can be installed just by software. Thanks to its open architecture, the module can be quickly upgraded on site. All the software applications are based on the same graphical user interface. The users will greatly benefit from this feature as it significantly reduces the time of training with a new application.

Key Features

  • OC-192 and STM-64 interfaces

  • Pluggable XFP – 1310 nm / 1550 nm

  • Generates and analyzes SONET/SDH frames down to the tributary level (DS1/E1)

  • Automatic Protection Switching time measurement

    • 125 µs measurement accuracy

  • Quality assessment as per G.82X and M.21XX recommendations

  • Round Trip Delay measurement

    • 100 ns of resolution

  • Valuable Functions and Options:

    • Trouble scan, APS, RTD, Concatenation, Tandem Connection Monitoring, ATM, NGN monitoring …

  • NGN Monitoring option:

    • Monitor several VCAT groups simultaneously

    • VCAT, LCAS, Differential Delay monitoring

  • User-programmable thresholds for visual pass/fail indicators
  • Automatic test report in PDF format

Key Applications

  • Installation, commissioning and troubleshooting tests

  • Check the switch time reaction of the network after failure –should not exceed 50 ms

  • Verify QoS with objective performance tests in compliance with ITU-T and Telcordia standards

  • Verify that transport delay through the network is acceptable for the service that is carried

  • Quickly identify network impairments through easy-to interpret user interface