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CMA5000 Polarization Mode Dispersion Application


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Test Gigabit Ethernet, DWDM, SONET, OTDR, ORL, Fibre Channel, PMD, and CD all with the same easy-to-use multi-layer test platform.

The CMA5000 is the premier test and measurement solution for installing, commissioning, and documenting fiber optic networks. Utilizing a common platform,  the CMA5000 provides complete testing for multiple network layers all at the touch of  a single button. As a high performance and scalable solution, the CMA5000 aids in accelerating the deployment of new services and optimizing network performance,  while reducing the cost of measurement.

CMA5000 is the ideal solution for any scenario because of its ability to span the Physical,  Data Link, Network, and Transport layers with test and measurement applications that include DWDM, SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, OTDR, and Dispersion.

With its PC-based open architecture design and common computer interface, the CMA5000  can easily keep up to date with the latest applications necessary to install and maintain current  and evolving telecommunication networks. Numerous test technologies have been incorporated  into this expandable platform, allowing a single unit to adapt and evolve to meet any testing need.  The CMA5000 provides best-in-class performance for every testing application to dramatically  decrease testing time, further reducing the cost of measurement.

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